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Excel Sparklines

How to Add Sparklines in Excel

Excel Sparklines

Sparklines provide a way to chart information in the individual cells of a worksheet. They are a great way to show a snapshot of the worksheet data.

Insert Sparklines

When you save a chart as a template, that chart’s properties are saved for easy future use.

  1. Select the cells you want to summarize.
  2. Click the Insert tab.
  3. Click the Sparklines button.
  4. Select a sparkline type.
    • Line: Shows trends in the data over time.
    • Column: Shows differences in quantity.
    • Win/Loss: Shows gains or losses.

    The Create Sparklines dialogue box appears. When a cell range is already selected, the Data Range field is automatically populated. If you didn’t select a range previously, enter it in the Data Range field.

  5. Click in the Location Range field.
  6. Select the cell where you want the sparkline to appear.
  7. Click OK.

    You can change the sparkline’s style by selecting it, clicking the Design tab, and selecting a style from the Style Gallery.

A Sparkline is added to the worksheet.