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Create a Pivot Chart

How to Create PivotCharts in Excel

Create a Pivot Chart

A PivotChart is similar to an ordinary chart created in Excel, except that it plots a PivotTable’s information. Like PivotTable reports, PivotCharts are dynamic, which means you can change a PivotChart by updating the values in a PivotTable.

Insert a PivotChart

  1. Click any cell inside the PivotTable.

    The Analyze and Design tabs appear under PivotTable Tools on the ribbon.

  2. Click the Analyze tab on the ribbon.
  3. Click the PivotChart button.

    The Insert Chart dialog box lets you choose from a variety of PivotChart types. Some chart types will be better at displaying certain data than others.

    The most common types of charts are Column, Bar, Line, and Pie.

    • Column and Bar charts work well to compare different sets of data against each other.
    • Line and Area charts are great for showing trends over time.
    • Pie charts show different categories as parts of a whole.
    Create Pivotcharts
  4. Select the type of chart you want to use.
  5. Click OK.
    Create Pivotcharts

The chart appears in the worksheet with your PivotTable. You can click and drag to reposition it and use the resize handles to scale it, just like with any other object.

Modify a PivotChart

Just like with PivotTables, there are four areas in the PivotChart Fields pane to which you can add fields. The look of your chart will change depending on the area you place the fields in.

  1. If necessary, expand the Show/Hide group on the Analyze tab.
  2. Click the Field List button.
    Create Pivotcharts
  3. Drag fields into or out of the task pane areas to change the data displayed in the PivotChart.
    Create Pivotcharts

    Any changes you make to the PivotChart are automatically applied to the PivotTable as well. The values in each will always match.

The PivotChart instantly updates to show the data for any fields that have been added.

When a PivotChart is selected, a new set of tabs appear in the ribbon.