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Watch Window in Excel

How to The Watch Window in Excel

Watch Window in Excel

The Watch Window allows you to keep an eye on the value in a cell that's out of view, either in the same sheet, another sheet in the same workbook, or an entirely different workbook.

Add Cells to the Watch Window

  1. Select the cell you want to watch.
  2. Click the Formulas tab.
  3. Click the Watch Window button.
    Add Cells to the Watch Window

    The Watch Window appears. Here you can add cells you want to track.

  4. Click the Add Watch.

    If you started with a cell selected, the cell reference in the Add Watch dialog box will already be populated.

  5. Ensure the correct cell is identified and click Add.
    Add Cells to the Watch Window
  6. Now that it's added, you see which cell you're watching, the current value, and the formula that's used in that cell.

  7. Scroll to the area of the worksheet where you need to add or update values.
  8. Update the cell values.

    The cell value in the Watch Window updates instantaneously if a dependent cell has been modified.

  9. Check the updated value in the Watch Window.
    Add Cells to the Watch Window

If you no longer want to track a certain cell, select it in the Watch Window and click the Delete Watch button.

When you’re done working with the Watch Window, close it to once again view your worksheet in full screen.