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Excel Header & Footer

How to Add Headers and Footers in Excel

Excel Header & Footer

You can use a header to include the same information at the top of every printed page or a footer to include information at the bottom of every page. You can enter your own headers or footers, insert built-in ones, or insert specific elements such as pictures or page numbers.

Add a Header or Footer

  1. Click the Insert tab.
  2. Click the Text button.
  3. Select Header & Footer.
    Headers and Footers

    The Header & Footer view displays and the header is active.

    You can also access the header and footer by clicking the View tab and clicking the Page Layout View button.

  4. Click in the header section where you want to add text.
  5. Enter custom text or select a pre-defined header from the Header & Footer Elements group or Header menu.
  6. To view the footer, click the Go to Footer button.
    Headers and Footers
  7. Click in the footer section where you want to add text.
  8. Enter custom text or select a pre-defined footer from the Header & Footer Elements group or Footer menu.
    Headers and Footers

Headers and footers can be formatted using the commands in the Font group on the Home tab.

Header & Footer Elements Group Options

The Header & Footer Elements group has a variety of pre-defined options you can use.

Button Description
Page Number Page Number Displays the correct page number for each page.
Number of Pages Number of Pages Displays the total number of pages in the worksheet
Current Date Current Date Displays the current date
Current Time Current Time Displays the current time of day.
File Path File Path Displays the workbook’s name and file path.
File Name File Name Displays the workbook’s name.
Sheet Name Sheet Name Displays the worksheet’s name.
Picture Picture Opens the Insert Picture dialog box, where you can browse for and insert a picture file.
Format Picture Format Picture Is only available once a picture has been inserted; this button allows you to adjust the picture’s size, brightness or contrast.

Adjust the Header and Footer Height

Since the amount of content entered in a header or footer can vary, the height may need to be adjusted to fit all the text.

  1. Click the Page Layout tab.
  2. Click the Margins button.
  3. Select Custom Margins.
    Headers and Footers
  4. Enter a new height for the header or footer.
  5. Click OK.
    Headers and Footers

The header and footer heights are adjusted and to accommodate the amount of content entered.