View Your Call History

Teams keeps track of all the calls that you make and receive. You can see who you called, who called you, and when those calls took place.

View Your Call History

If you're trying to remember when you had a certain call, or who it was with, you can check your call history.

  1. Click the Calls button on the App bar.
  2. Click History in the List pane.
    View Your Call History

All your past calls are displayed.

The first column of the Content pane displays the contact the call was with. Next, you can see whether that call was incoming, outgoing, or missed. To the right of the call type, the duration and time of the call appears.

Return a Call

If you see that you missed a call, or just want to follow up with someone you talked to earlier, you can call someone back right from the call history.

  1. Double-click a call in the history.
     View Your Call History

A new call is placed to that contact.

Start a Chat from the History

If you want to follow up with a call in your call history, but another call isn’t necessary, you can start a chat with someone from your history instead.

  1. Click a call's More Actions button.
  2. Select Chat.
    View Your Call History

A new chat is started with the contact.

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