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Make Calls

How to Make Calls in Microsoft Teams

You can make both audio and video calls to other people in your organization through Teams’ Calls view. You may also be able to make outside calls, if your organization has a supported phone plan.

Call a Contact

  1. Click the Calls button on the App bar.
  2. You're brought to the Calls view, which displays the Speed Dial screen by default. This screen displays the contacts you've saved to your speed dial, followed by the rest of your contact groups.

    You may also have a dial pad, if your organization has a supported phone plan. You can use this number pad to call telephone numbers both inside and outside of your organization.

    You can also view a simple list of all of your contacts.

  3. Click Contacts.
     Make Calls
  4. The profile picture and availability of each contact displays here. It's wise to check availability before making a call, so that you're not calling someone who's already busy.

    Each contact also shows calling buttons—one to make a video call and one to make an audio call.

  5. Click a contact's Call button.
    Make Calls
  6. An audio call is placed, and the other person's computer or mobile device will start ringing. Once they answer, the call begins, and call control buttons appear near the bottom of the window.

  7. Click Hang Up when you're finished with the call.
    Make Calls

The call ends, and you return to the Teams Calls view.

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