Use Wikis

Each team channel can have one or more wiki pages, which members of that team can use to keep information and notes available for later reference.

View a Wiki Page

  1. Click a team channel's Wiki tab.

    The wiki screen opens. Wiki pages can be short documents, or they can contain multiple pages with multiple sections.

  2. Click the Expand Wiki menu button.

    Every page and section of the wiki is listed.

  3. Select a page or section within a page.
    Use Wikis

The wiki tab now displays the selected section or page.

Edit a Wiki Page

Wiki pages are not static documents. They can be edited by anyone with access, making them excellent collaboration tools.

  1. Click a section in the wiki page.

    Once you click within a text field in a wiki page, you can begin editing it.

  2. Start typing in a section.
  3. Use the formatting options to format text.
    Use Wikis

Mention People on a Wiki Page

Since wiki pages are collaborative, you can work on them with other people on your team. If you need a specific person's input somewhere, you can use @ mentions to get their attention.

  1. While editing a wiki page, type an @ symbol followed by the beginning of a person's name.
  2. Select a person from the suggestions list.
    Use Wikis

The selected person will get a notification that they were mentioned in the wiki page.

Start a Section Conversation

While wiki pages themselves are collaborative and can be edited by anyone, you don’t necessarily want a lot of discussion happening on the content page itself. Instead, you can discuss a section of a wiki page in its own separate conversation thread.

  1. Click the Show section conversation button at a section's right margin.
    Use Wikis

    A conversation pane appears on the right, showing the conversation thread for that section of the wiki page.

  2. Enter a message and click Send.
    Use Wikis

You can chat with other team members about this section of the wiki page, and the conversation will also appear in the team channel.

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