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Take Meeting Notes

How to Take Meeting Notes in Microsoft Teams

Take Meeting Notes

If you're having a productive meeting, you can take notes to capture main points without leaving the meeting window.

Take Meeting Notes

You can start taking meeting notes by opening the Meeting Notes pane.

  1. Click the More Actions button on the meeting controls toolbar.
  2. Select Meeting notes.
    Take Meeting Notes

    The Meeting Notes pane opens on the right. If meeting notes have already been started for this meeting, they'll be displayed. Otherwise, a new note appears.

  3. Click the Take Notes button
    Take Meeting Notes
  4. Click in the notes text field.

    Notes will automatically be saved as you fill them out, so there’s no need to manually save.

  5. Type your meeting notes.
  6. Use the available formatting options to format the note text.
  7. Click the New Section button to add a new section.
    Take Meeting Notes

Adding more sections to a note can heklp you keep separate topics organized.

View Meeting Notes

After a meeting has concluded, you can check the notes that were taken to refresh your memory as an attendee or get caught up if you missed it.

  1. View the team channel or chat the meeting took place in.
  2. Click the Meeting Notes tab.
    Take Meeting Notes

    If a channel has held multiple meetings where notes were taken, they'll be saved as separate notes pages.

  3. Click the Expand Wiki menu button.
  4. Select another page.
    Take Meeting Notes

The selected notes page is displayed.