Manage a Meeting

While a meeting is in progress, there are several ways to manage the record of the meeting and the people participating in it.

View a Meeting Conversation

Every meeting also has a text conversation that you can use, which will be saved after the meeting is over.

  1. Click the Show Conversation button on the meeting controls toolbar.

    The meeting chat pane opens on the right, showing the conversation so far.

  2. Enter a message in the Reply field and click Send.
    Manage a Meeting
  3. Click the pane's Close button.
    Manage a Meeting

The pane closes, and the meeting takes over the whole window again. When the meeting is over, the conversation will be found in the team channel that the meeting took place in. Or, if it’s not part of a channel, the conversation appears in your chat history.

View Meeting Participants

If you're in a meeting with several people, it can be challenging to keep track of who's there. You can view a list of all participants to see everyone involved.

  1. Click the Show Participants button on the toolbar.

    The People pane opens, where you can see all the participants in the meeting.

    Below the list of participants, you’ll see a list of suggested participants.

  2. Click the People pane’s Close button when you’re finished.
    Manage a Meeting

The People pane closes.

Invite Participants

If you need someone new to join a meeting after it’s started, you can invite them to join through the People pane.

  1. Click the Show Participants button on the toolbar.
  2. Click a suggested person's More Options button.
  3. Select Ask to join.
    Manage a Meeting

A call is automatically placed, and the invited person can choose to join the meeting or reject the call.

If the person you want to invite is not in the Suggestions list, you can enter their name in the Invite someone field and select them from the search results.

Once you’re finished adding participants, you can close the People pane.

Mute and Remove Participants

You can also mute another meeting participant’s microphone (for example, if they stepped away from the meeting and have a background noise causing disturbance), or remove them from a meeting entirely.

  1. Click the Show Participants button on the toolbar.
  2. Click a person's More Options button.

    Here, you have some options to manage a person. You can mute their microphone, which will prevent everyone else in the meeting from hearing their audio. You can also remove them from the meeting entirely.

  3. Select Mute participant or Remove participant.
    Manage a Meeting

That person is muted or removed from the meeting. They’ll be able to rejoin the meeting or unmute their microphone at any time.

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