Manage Team Membership

If you're a team owner, you can add and remove team members, as well as manage team members' roles.

Add a Member

  1. Click a team's More Options button.
  2. Select Add member.
    Manage Team Membership
  3. Start typing a person's name, then select them from the suggestions menu.
  4. Click Add.

    The new team member is added. If you have more than one team member to add, continue typing names and clicking Add.

  5. Click Close.
    Manage Team Membership

The team members are added.

Manage Team Member Roles

If you’re a team’s owner, you can change other team members’ roles, promoting someone to an owner or demoting an owner to a regular member.

  1. Click a team's More Options button.
  2. Select Manage team.
    Manage Team Membership

    The Members tab shows the team owners in a separate group from the rest of the members.

  3. Click a group heading to expand the group.
  4. Click a member's Role list arrow.

    There are only two roles a team member can have, Owner and Member. Owners have permission to manage the team settings, while members do not.

  5. Select a role.
    Manage Team Membership

The team member’s role is updated.

Remove a Member

If a team member is no longer needed on the team, you can remove them from the Manage Team window.

  1. In the Manage Team window, click a members's Remove button.
  2. Manage Team Membership

The team member is removed from the team.

Leave a Team

If you’re no longer needed on a team, you don’t need to wait for a team owner to remove you. You can leave a team voluntarily as well.

  1. Click a team's More Options button.
  2. Select Leave the team.
    Manage Team Membership

    You will be prompted if you’re sure that you want to leave.

  3. Click the Leave the team button to confirm that you want to leave it.
    Manage Team Membership

You are removed from the team and will no longer have access to any of its channels.

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