Manage Team Settings

If you’re a team’s owner, you can customize several settings to change how the team looks and works.

Edit a Team

You can edit a team’s basic properties in the Edit Team window.

  1. Click a team's More Options button.
  2. Select Edit team.
    Manage Team Settings

    The Edit Team window opens, where you can edit some of the team’s basic properties—its name, description, and privacy level.

  3. Edit a team's basic properties.
  4. Click Done.
    Manage Team Settings

The team’s name, description, and privacy settings are updated.

Manage a Team's Advanced Settings

You can access more advanced options for a team in the team’s Settings tab.

  1. Click a team's More Options button.
  2. Select Manage team.
    Manage Team Settings
  3. Click the Settings tab.

    Here, you have a few more settings categories.

    • Team Picture: This lets you add a custom picture for the team’s thumbnail, instead of the default text.
    • Member Permissions: These settings control whether team members can create new channels, add apps, and edit or delete their messages.
    • Guest Permissions: This category lets you control whether guests can create or delete channels.
    • @mentions: This category lets you control whether members will be allowed to use @mentions to send messages to the entire team or a specific channel.
    • Team Code: These settings let you reset, remove, or copy the team code.
    • Fun Stuff: This category controls whether team members will be able to use emoji, GIFs, stickers, and memes.
      Manage Team Settings

Change a Team’s Picture

If you want to have a more descriptive image thumbnail to represent a team, you can update it from the team’s Settings tab.

  1. From the team’s Settings tab, click the Team picture heading to expand it.

    The current team picture is shown.

  2. Click Change picture.
    Manage Team Settings
  3. Click Upload picture.
    Manage Team Settings
  4. Select a picture.
  5. Click Open.
    Manage Team Settings

    The image is uploaded, and a preview of it appears.

  6. Click Save.

    The image is set as the new team image.

  7. Click Close.
    Manage Team Settings

The team will now be represented by the uploaded image.

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