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Share Your Screen

How to Share Your Screen in Microsoft Teams

Share Your Screen

You can share your screen during a meeting, which allows all the participants to see the contents of your screen. You can show off images, documents, and anything else on your screen.

Share Your Screen

  1. Click the Share Screen button on the meeting controls bar.

    A pane appears at the bottom of the meeting screen, where you can choose to share your entire desktop, or a single window.

  2. Select a desktop or window to share.
    Share Your Screen

    While sharing your screen, the part being shared will be outlined in red. A small meeting window will also appear in the corner with some basic meeting controls.

  3. Click the Stop Sharing button when finished.
    Share Your Screen

The screen sharing stops, and the bigger Teams meeting window reappears.

Share a Presentation

You can also share a PowerPoint presentation in a meeting and control that presentation from right within the Teams meeting window.

  1. Click the Share Screen button on the meeting controls bar.

    In addition to the desktop and open windows, the screen sharing pane will display some recent PowerPoint presentations you've opened on your team's SharePoint site or your OneDrive. If the presentation you want to share appears here, just click it.

  2. Click Browse.

    You can browse for a presentation in a team channel's file library, select one from your OneDrive, or upload a presentation from your computer.

  3. Select a location.
    Share Your Screen
  4. Select a presentation.
  5. Click Open.
    Share Your Screen

    The presentation is uploaded to the file library of the meeting's team channel, or to your OneDrive if the meeting isn't taking place in a team channel.

    Once the presentation is uploaded, it starts on the first slide. A small controls bar appears, showing your progress and letting you navigate through the presentation.

  6. Use the left and right arrows to navigate the presentation.

    As you move through the presentation, everyone else in the meeting will automatically move through it with you.

  7. Click the eye icon to toggle private viewing.

    While private viewing is enabled, meeting participants will be able to move through the presentation on their own. If private viewing is disabled, everyone will be restricted to viewing the slide that you’re on.

  8. Click Stop presenting.
    Share Your Screen

The presentation closes, and the Teams meeting window returns to normal.