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Share Files in a Chat

How to Share Files in a Chat in Microsoft Teams

Share Files in a Chat

If you have a file that you need to share with someone, you can send it through a Teams chat.

Share a File

  1. Click the Attach button below the message box.
  2. Select a source for a file.

    Choose whether you want to share a file that's saved to your OneDrive or upload one from your computer.

    Share Files in a Chat
  3. Select a file.
  4. Click Open.
    Share Files in a Chat
  5. The file is uploaded to Teams, but not yet sent. You can add a message before sending it or send it without one.

  6. Click Send.
     Share Files in a Chat

The file is sent, and your recipient can open or save it.

View Shared Files

Files that are sent through a chat are first uploaded to Teams. This allows you to view and download files that you have either sent or received at a later time.

  1. While in a chat, click the Files tab.

    All of the files shared by anyone in the conversation are displayed in one place, so you don’t have to sift through a long message history to relocate a file.

  2. Select a file to view command options.
     Share Files in a Chat

You can download a file, get a link to it, or open some supported file types.