SharePoint 2016

Learn by doing—not watching—with interactive simulations.

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Course Includes

  • Custom-branding Certificate of Accreditation
  • Custom-branding 3.0 Credit Hours
  • Custom-branding Interactive Tutorials & Skills Assessments
  • Custom-branding Student manual, instructor guide, & practice files

What you'll learn:

  • Use lists and libraries
  • Work with documents and versions.
  • Create and manage web pages.
  • Use SharePoint with Microsoft Office.

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SharePoint 2016

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The Fundamentals demo

Introduction to SharePoint

Click To Try Not Started Not Started Not Started

Access and View a SharePoint Site

Not Started Not Started Not Started

Understand your Permissions

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Get Help

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Use the Recycle Bin

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Use Lists and Libraries lock Subscribe to unlock

Get Started with Lists

Add and Remove List Items

Modify List Columns

Create and Populate a Library

Sort and Filter a List or Library

Create and Modify Views

Work with Documents lock Subscribe to unlock

Create and Open Documents in a Library

Upload Files to a Library

Check Out Documents

View Version History

Use Alerts

Use Folders

Share Documents

Work with Web Pages lock Subscribe to unlock

Create a Page

Modify a Page

Publish and Share Pages

Manage Pages

Manage Sites and Subsites lock Subscribe to unlock

Find Content on a Site

Create a Subsite

Manage Site Users

Change Site Themes

Manage Tasks and Events lock Subscribe to unlock

Add Task Lists and Tasks

Change Task List Views

Modify Tasks

Work with the SharePoint Calendar

Use SharePoint with Office lock Subscribe to unlock

Sync Libraries to your Computer

Save from Office to SharePoint

Use Outlook with SharePoint

Use Excel with SharePoint

Co-Author Documents in Office