Office 365 Essentials

Learn by doing—not watching—with interactive simulations.

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Course Includes

  • Custom-branding Certificate of Accreditation
  • Custom-branding 5.0 Credit Hours
  • Custom-branding Interactive Tutorials & Skills Assessments
  • Custom-branding Student manual, instructor guide, & practice files

What you'll learn:

  • Develop fundamental skills, including editing and formatting, that can be used across all Office applications.
  • Create business-ready Word documents with proper spacing, margins, and styles.
  • Build and format professional-looking Excel spreadsheets.
  • Design and deliver engaging PowerPoint presentations.

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Office 365 Essentials

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Office Fundamentals demo

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Create Files Not Started Not Started Not Started
Open Files Not Started Not Started Not Started
Save Files Not Started Not Started Not Started
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Editing lock Subscribe to unlock

Cut, Copy, and Paste
Undo, Redo, and Repeat
Check Spelling
Find and Replace Text
Add Comments
Insert Links
Insert Images
Format Images

Formatting lock Subscribe to unlock

Format Fonts
Align Text
Create Lists
Borders and Shading

Word lock Subscribe to unlock

Line and Paragraph Spacing
Indent Paragraphs
Adjust Page Margins
Headers and Footers
Page Numbers
Page Breaks
Create Tables
Text Wrapping
Apply Styles
Outline View

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Select Cells and Ranges
Edit Cell Data
Insert, Move, and Delete Cells
Row Heights and Column Widths
Freeze Rows and Columns
Hide Columns and Rows
Formula Basics
Auto Fill
Sums and Averages
Format Numbers and Dates
Insert, Rename, and Delete Worksheets

PowerPoint lock Subscribe to unlock

Add and Populate Slides
Move, Hide, and Delete Slides
Slide Notes
Format Images
Insert and Edit Shapes
Arrange Objects
Slide Transitions
Apply Animations
Present a Slide Show