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Course Includes

  • Custom-branding Certificate of Accreditation
  • Custom-branding 4.0 Credit Hours
  • Custom-branding Interactive Tutorials & Skills Assessments
  • Custom-branding Student manual, instructor guide, & practice files

What you'll learn:

  • Understand how to use spreadsheets to calculate information.
  • Learn the basics of entering and formatting data and numbers.
  • Build simple formulas to calculate totals and averages.
  • Upload and convert existing Microsoft Excel files to Google Docs.

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Google Sheets

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Sheets Fundamentals demo

Create Spreadsheets Click To Try Not Started Not Started Not Started
Open a Spreadsheet Not Started Not Started Not Started
Navigate Spreadsheets Not Started Not Started Not Started
File Management Not Started Not Started Not Started
Print Spreadsheets Not Started Not Started Not Started
Get Help Not Started Not Started Not Started

Edit Spreadsheets lock Subscribe to unlock

Select Cells and Ranges
Edit Cell Data
Cut, Copy, and Paste Data
Undo, Redo, and Repeat
Use Paste Special
Insert and Move Cells
Delete Cells
Hide Rows and Columns
Find and Replace Text
Check Spelling

Format Spreadsheets lock Subscribe to unlock

Format Text
Align and Merge Cells
Cell Borders and Background Colors
Format Numbers and Dates
Adjust Row Height and Column Width
Freeze Rows and Columns
Copy Formatting
Apply Conditional Formatting

Formulas and Functions lock Subscribe to unlock

Formula Basics
Sums and Averages
Insert Functions
Absolute and Relative Cell References
Cell Range Names

Manage Sheets and Data lock Subscribe to unlock

Insert, Rename, and Delete Sheets
Duplicate, Move, and Hide Sheets
Sort Data
Filter Data
Data Validation
Protect Spreadsheets

Insert Objects lock Subscribe to unlock

Insert a Chart
Customize a Chart
Insert Images
Insert Links

Share, Collaborate, and Convert lock Subscribe to unlock

Upload and Convert Spreadsheets
Download and Email Spreadsheets
Share Spreadsheets
Work with Versions