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Google Drive

Learn by doing—not watching—with interactive simulations.

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Course Includes

  • Custom-branding Certificate of achievement
  • Custom-branding Interactive tutorials
  • Custom-branding Skills assessments
  • Custom-branding Student manual, instructor guide, & practice files

What you'll learn

  • Organize personal and shared files with folders, stars, and color coding.
  • Upload and share files with a few individuals or your entire organization.
  • Manage previous file versions and recover deleted files.
  • Sync your Google Drive files with your computer and work offline.

Try sample lessons in the course outline shown below!

Proven Learning Method

Skill Assess Learn Verify Improvement

Google Drive

Complete Course to Display Score

Google Drive demo

Google Drive Views

Click To Try Not Started Not Started Not Started

Find Files

Open Files and Folders

Create Files and Folders

Move and Add Content to New Locations

Star and Color Code Content

Manage Workspaces

Delete and Restore Files

Share Content

Change Access to Content

Upload and Download Files

Manage File Versions

Sync with Your Computer

Manage Notifications