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Google Drive

Learn by doing—not watching—with interactive simulations.

Proven Learning Method

  • Measure existing skills with simulation-based assessments.
  • Improve skills gaps with bite-sized interactive tutorials.
  • Verify learning with post assessments.
  • Endorse skills with certificates.

Google Drive eLearning Features

  • Interactive Training Interactive; learn by doing, instead of passively watching long, boring videos.
  • Customizable-content Customizable, you can select only the skills you want and the learning method you need.
  • Scorm-compatible SCORM-compliant; will work great in your LMS.

Average Improvement Results

Assess Learn Verify Improvement

Google Drive


Google Drive demo


Google Drive Views

Click To Try Not Started Not Started Not Started

Find Files

Open Files and Folders

Create Files and Folders

Move and Add Content to New Locations

Star and Color Code Content

Manage Workspaces

Delete and Restore Files

Share Content

Change Access to Content

Upload and Download Files

Manage File Versions

Sync with Your Computer

Manage Notifications