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Sign In to Google Classroom

How to Sign In to Google Classroom

Sign In to Google Classroom

Before you get started creating classes, you'll need to know how to sign in. There are three types of accounts you can use to access Google Classroom. The account type affects which options are available in Classroom.

  • School Account: Also called a G Suite for Education account, this type of account is set up by a school’s IT department at an accredited school (e.g. The school will have a Google Classroom administrator who controls some settings at a school-wide level. This is the only account type that allows sending guardian emails.
  • Personal Account: Set up by you for personal use (e.g. These accounts are typically set up outside of a school or business setting. Homeschool teachers often use a personal account to sign in to Classroom.
  • G Suite Account: Set up by an organization’s Google account administrator (e.g. These accounts are used in business or other non-accredited organizations.

Sign In to Google Classroom

  1. Navigate to

    Because Google programs work well together, using Chrome as the web browser is recommended when accessing Classroom.

  2. Click Go to Classroom.
    Sign in

    If you’ll be visiting this page often, you may find it helpful to bookmark it for easy access.

  3. Enter your Google account email address.

    If you don’t have an account, click Create account on this page to create a personal Google account.

  4. Click Next.
    Sign in
  5. Enter your Google account password.
  6. Click Next.
    Sign in

You are logged in. Any classes you’ve created display on the Google Classroom homepage.