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Forecast Opportunities

How to Forecast Opportunities in Salesforce

Forecast Opportunities

If your organization has enabled this feature, you can use Forecasts to plan and predict your future sales.

View Sales Forecasts

  1. Click the Forecasts tab, if available.
    View Sales Forecasts

The Forecast tab summarizes your opportunities by their Close dates and their Forecast Category.

Forecast Categories

By default, the Forecast Categories include:

  • Closed: Sold Opportunities. Closed are opportunities you've already sold and are at 100% probability.
  • Commit: Very high probability to close. Commit are opportunities that have given you some kind of commitment to buy and are at very high probability, like 90%.
  • Best Case: Fairly good probability to close. Best Case opportunities have a fairly high probability of closing, like 70%.
  • Pipeline: Moderate probability to close. Pipeline are opportunities with lower probabilities of closing, but they still have a high enough probability to even be listed, such as 25%.

If your organization uses Forecasting, it will probably have its own criteria for which types of opportunities go into each forecast category.

Filter the Forecast

  1. Select the date period you want to view..

    This way, you can filter which opportunities appear in the forecast.

    Now the opportunities section only displays opportunities with a close date for the period you selected.

  2. Select any forecast block you want to view.
    Filter the Forecast

You can filter down to any forecast category.

View Another User's Forecast

If you have the right permissions, you may be able to view the forecasts of other users.

  1. Click Jump to... by your profile picture.
    View another User's Forecast

The forecast for the specified user appears.