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Create a View

How to Create a View in Salesforce

Create a View

Salesforce comes with several preset views. You can also create your own views, if you've been given this permission by your Salesforce Admin.

Create a View

  1. Click the tab where you want to create a view
  2. Click the Create New View link.
    Create a View
  3. Specify an option for Filter By Owner.
  4. Enter a descriptive View Name.

    You can choose to view all leads, or only those that you own.

    You can also filter which records appear in your view.

    To create a filter, you need to first select the field you want to filter by.

  5. Select a Field to filter by.
  6. Select an Operator.

    An operator qualifies how Salesforce will filter the results.

  7. Specify the Value you want to filter.
  8. Add additional fields to filter by if desired.

    You will need to tell Salesforce which fields you want to display in your view.

    Create a View
  9. Add / Remove the fields you want to display.
  10. Change the field order if desired by selecting the field you want to move and move it up or down the Selected Fields list.

    The last step is to specify if you want other people to be able to see your view.

  11. Change the Visibility if desired.
  12. Click Save.
    Create a View

Salesforce saves the view and displays the records that fit your specifications.