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QuickBooks Interface

How to Navigate the QuickBooks Interface

QuickBooks Interface

There is a lot going on with the QuickBooks screen, so let's kick it off by taking a tour to get comfortable with the interface!

We’re looking at the QuickBooks Home screen, it’s what appears when you first log into QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Interface
A Home (QuickBooks logo): You can always navigate back to the home screen by clicking the QuickBooks logo. D Search (Magnifying glass): The magnifying glass is used to search transactions in QuickBooks.
B New Button: Right below the QuickBooks logo is the New button, which you use to create new invoices, checks, and other transactions. E Settings (Gear): Click the gear icon to display QuickBooks settings, view lists—including your company’s Chart of Account—and manage other users.
C Navigation Bar: Below the New button is the Navigation bar, which you use to get to other areas of QuickBooks.