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Chart of Accounts

How to Run a Chart of Accounts Report in QuickBooks

Chart of Accounts

One of the most important items in QuickBooks—and accounting in general—is your company's Chart of Accounts.

Open the Chart of Accounts

  1. Click the ⚙ Gear icon.
  2. Select Chart of Accounts.
    Open the Chart of Accounts

Common Account Types

The chart of accounts is a list of your company's accounts and their balances. You use these accounts to categorize your transactions, such as expenses and sales.

  1. The chart of accounts includes different account types to categorize transactions, for example:
    • Bank Checking & savings accounts.
    • Credit Cards Visa, Mastercard.
    • Income Sales of products, services or other revenue.
    • Expense Money you spend on things like advertising, rent, and office supplies.
    • Liability Money you owe, like a loan.
    • Asset Things you own that have value, such as equipment, vehicles, or a building.
    Common Account Types

Run a Chart of Accounts Report

When you're first setting up Quickbooks, it's a good idea to print a copy of your chart of accounts, so it's easy to reference.

  1. Open the chart of accounts.
  2. Click Run Report.
    Run a Chart of Account Report
  3. (Optional) To share or export the report, click:
    • Email to send the report as a PDF attachment.
    • Print to print the report.
    • Export to download the report as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF.
    Run a Chart of Accounts Report