Tag Notes

Using tags in OneNote is a great way to quickly locate notes you need in even the largest notebook. Once tags are added they are easily searchable.

Add a Tag

  1. Click in the paragraph you want to tag.
  2. Click the Tag button on the Home tab.

    There are all kinds of tags available - from to-do items, to questions, to ideas -just about anything you could imagine.

  3. Select a tag.
    Add a Tag

The tag is added to the active paragraph.

Create a Custom a Tag

  1. Click the Tag button.
  2. Select Customize Tags.
    Add a Tag
  3. Click New Tag.
    Add a Tag
  4. Give the tag a name.

    You can add a symbol, font color, or highlight to set the tag apart from other notebook text.

  5. Select tag options.
  6. Click OK.
    Add a Tag
  7. Click OK again.
    Add a Tag
  8. Click in the paragraph you want to tag.
  9. Click the Tag button.
  10. Select the custom tag.
    Add a Tag

Find Tags

It's one thing to apply tags, but they are also useful for searching.

  1. Click Find Tags on the Home tab.

    The Tags Summary pane appears at the right. It shows all of the tags in the notebook, separated by category.

  2. Click a tag in the Tags Summary pane.
    Find Tags

You jump to the tag in the notebook.

Remove a Tag

If you decide you don't need a paragraph to be tagged anymore you can always delete it.

  1. With the tagged paragraph selected, click the Tag button.
  2. Select Remove Tag.
    Remove a Tag

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