Send Notebook Content

OneNote works seamlessly with other Microsoft programs to send content back and forth. Let's check out how it works with Word.

Send Notes to Word

  1. Navigate to the page you want to send to Word.
  2. Click the File tab.
    Send Notes to Word
  3. Click Send.
  4. Click Send to Word.
    Send Notes to Word

The notes are transferred into a Word document and now you can use all of Word's formatting options to further enhance your notes.

Send Content to OneNote

On the flip side, if you have notes in Word that you want to add to OneNote, you can do that just as easily.

  1. Open that file with content to move.
  2. Click the File tab.
    Send Content to OneNote
  3. Click Print.
  4. Click the Printer list arrow.
  5. Select Send to OneNote.
  6. Click the Print button.
    Send Content to OneNote
  7. Click the OneNote icon on the taskbar.
  8. Choose where you want the file.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Send Content to OneNote

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