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Quick Notes

How to Use Quick Notes in OneNote

Quick Notes

Sometimes you'll come across a tidbit of information that you know you'll need, but don't know where to put it just yet. In that case, use quick notes.

Create a Quick Note

  1. Send to OneNote icon in the Windows System tray.

    A menu opens, with a few options. You can create a new quick note, open OneNote, or save a screen clipping to OneNote.

  2. Select New quick note.
    Create a Quick Note
  3. Type a note.
  4. Click the Close button.
    Create a Quick Note

Even though it appears nothing has happened, the note is saved.

Open a Quick Note

  1. Open the OneNote window.
    Open a Quick Note

    When you're working with quick notes it's best to pin the Notebook pane.

  2. Click the current notebook name.
  3. Click the Pin Notebook Pane to Side button.
    Open a Quick Note
  4. Click Quick Notes in the Notebooks pane.

    And they are all here, listed at the right.

  5. Select a quick note.
    Open a Quick Note

Move a Quick Note

Although you could click the page tab at the right and drag it into a section to move it, that doesn't give you any flexibility for which page to put it on.

  1. Select a quick note.
  2. Click the Cut button on the Home tab.
    Move a Quick Note
  3. Select the section where you want the note.
  4. Select the page where you want the note.
  5. Click where you want the note to appear.
  6. Click Paste.
    Move a Quick Note

Delete a Quick Note

  1. Click Quick Notes.
  2. Click a quick note tab twice to select all the contents.
  3. Click the Delete button on the Home tab.
    Paste a Quick Note