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Add Outlook Meeting Details

How to Add Outlook Meeting Details in OneNote

Add Outlook Meeting Details

If you're going to be taking notes for a meeting that is scheduled in Outlook, you can add in the meeting details so you know when and where it took place, as well as who was there.

Add Details

  1. Click where you want the meeting details to go.
  2. Click Meeting Details on the Home tab.

    All of today's meetings show up here.

  3. Select Choose a Meeting from Another Day to choose a meeting on a different day.
    Add Details
  4. Click the calendars icon.
  5. Select a date.
  6. With the meeting selected, click Insert Details.
    Add Details

It may take a second, but all of the meeting information is brought into OneNote.

This is a fast way to get all the details you need without having to retype everything.

Update Details

  1. Click an Outlook Meeting link.
    Update Details
  2. Update the meeting.
  3. Click Send Update.
    Update Details

    The message window closes and you return to OneNote. You may notice that some of the details of the meeting didn't update.

  4. Click the Meeting Details button.
  5. Select Refresh Meeting Details for This Page.

    The meeting details are updated.

    You can also use the meeting details to keep track of who was there.

  6. Check the box next to someone's name.
    Update Details

The check mark lets you know they showed up for the meeting.