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Insert Images

How to Insert Images in OneNote

Insert Images

Insert an Image

  1. Click the Insert tab.
  2. Click Pictures or Online Pictures.

    If you already have one saved on your computer, click the Pictures button. If you don't already have an image to use, find one using Microsoft's Online Pictures library.

    Insert an Image
  3. Locate an image to insert.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Insert an Image

The picture is inserted onto the page.

Set a Background Image

While you can add a picture on the page, you can also have an image appear in the page background.

  1. Insert an image.
  2. Click and drag it out of the note frame.
    Set a Background Image
  3. Right-click the image.
  4. Select Set Image as Background.
    Set a Background Image

The image is sent to the background and the notes you take will now flow over the top of it.

Add a Video

In addition to images, you can also add videos into your notes. They work a little different than images though. You have to add them as a file attachment.

  1. Click File Attachment on the Insert tab.
  2. Locate a video to insert.
  3. Click Insert.
    Set a Background Image
  4. Double-click the video icon to launch it.
    Set a Background Image