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Manage Tags

How to Manage Tags in Microsoft Teams

You can use Tags to easily communicate with a subset of a team. You can assign tags based on job titles, skills, location, or any other relevant attribute.

Create a Tag

  1. Click a team's More Options button.
  2. Select Manage team.
    Manage Tags
  3. Click the Add or remove tags button in a user's Tags column.
  4. Select Manage tags
    Manage Tags
  5. Click Create tag.
    Manage Tags
  6. Give the tag a name.
  7. Click in the Add people field.
  8. Enter a name (or names) for the tag to be applied to.

    Here you can type the names of a few people who will have that tag assigned and select them from the suggestions.

  9. Click Create
    Manage Tags

    The tag is created, and is listed in the Manage Tags screen. You can keep adding new tags here, or delete tags you no longer need.

Add a Tag to a User

Once a tag is created, its saved in a list and now you can easily assign it.

  1. From the Members tab of the Manage Team screen, click the Add or remove tags button in a user’s Tags column.
  2. Check a tag’s checkbox.
  3. Click Apply.
    Manage Tags

    And the tag is added to the user.

Mention a Tag

Now that you have created and assigned Tags within a team, now you can use it in a conversation.

  1. Click the New conversation button in a team channel.
    Manage Tags
  2. Type an @ symbol.
  3. Begin typing a tag’s name and select it from the suggestions list.
  4. When finished with the message, click Send.
    Manage Tags
  5. And everyone in the team with that tag will receive a notification.