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Apply Slide Transitions

How to Apply Slide Transitions in Google Slides

Apply Slide Transitions

Transitions are animations that you can apply to advance from one slide to the next during a presentation. Let's see how they work!

Apply a Transition

  1. Select a slide.
  2. To select multiple slides, hold down Ctrl as you select each slide.

  3. Click Transition on the toolbar.
    Apply a Transition
  4. The Transitions pane opens on the right, where you can select a type of transition to apply.

  5. Click the Transition type list arrow.
  6. Select a transition.
    Apply a Transition
  7. Click Play to preview the transition.
    Apply a Transition

    The transition plays, showing how it will appear when you present the slide show.

  8. Click Stop to end the preview.
  9. Click the Transition pane's Close button.
    Apply a Transition

The transition is applied to the slide.

Modify a Transition

Once a transition has been applied, you can still modify it.

  1. Select a slide with a transition.
  2. Click Transition on the toolbar.
    Modify a Transition

    You can click the Transition type list arrow again to change the transition to another type or remove it entirely. You can also modify the transition's duration.

  3. Change the transition type or adjust its duration.
  4. Once you've settled on a good transition, you could also apply it to every slide in the presentation by clicking Apply to all slides.

  5. Click the transition pane's Close button.
    Modify a Transition

The pane closes, and the transition is updated.

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