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Present a Slideshow

How to Present a Slideshow in Google Slides

Present a Slideshow

There are multiple ways you can deliver a Google Slides presentation, such as distributing paper handouts or by running the presentation on a computer. Running a presentation on a computer is the preferred method because it gives you the most control over the presentation and allows you to use multimedia, animation, and other effects.

Present a Slideshow

  1. Click the Present button list arrow.
  2. Select Present from beginning.
    Present a Slideshow

The slideshow opens in full screen mode.

Navigate a Slideshow

Once you start presenting, there are several ways to navigate through your presentation.

Slideshow Navigation
Click Click Click anywhere on a slide to advance one slide (or step).
Next Next Click the Next button to advance one slide.
Previous Previous Click the Previous button to go back one slide.
Play Play Click the Play button to automatically advance through the presentation.
Slide Number Slide Number Click the slide number list arrow and select a slide to jump to.
Full Screen Full Screen Click the Full screen button to toggle full-screen mode.
Exit Exit Click the Exit button to stop presenting.