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Move and Skip Slides

How to Move and Skip Slides in Google Slides

Move and Skip Slides

Sometimes you'll need to rearrange slides to update the sequence of your presentation.

Move a Slide

  1. Click and drag a slide in the thumbnail pane.
    Move a Slide

A horizontal line appears as you drag the slide, indicating where the slide will be moved. When you release the mouse button, the slide is dropped in the new location and all slides in the presentation are renumbered accordingly.

Skip a Slide

You can also set slides so that they're skipped when presenting.

  1. Select a slide.
  2. Click Slide on the menu bar.
  3. Select Skip slide.
  4. Skip a Slide

An icon appears over the slide thumbnail, indicating that it won't appear when the presentation is run.

Unskip a Slide

Once you're ready for a skipped slide to be included again, you can unskip it.

  1. With a skipped slide selected, click Slide on the menu bar.
  2. Select Skip slide.
  3. Unskip a Slide

The selected slide will be included in the presentation once again.