Insert a Text Box

Insert a Text Box

  1. Click the Text Box button on the toolbar.
  2. Click to insert a text box, or click and drag to draw a text box.
    Insert a Text Box
  3. Start typing to enter text.
    Insert a Text Box

Format a Text Box

Once text is added, you can format everything within that text box at once.

  1. Click the outside border of a text box.
  2. Format the text using the available formatting options:
    • Bold
    • Italics
    • Underline
    • Text color
    • Highlight color
  3. Format a Text Box

The text box is formatted as you specified.

Resize and Move a Text Box

You can also resize or move a text box if needed.

  1. Click and drag the resizing handles to resize a text box.
    Resize and Move a Text Box
  2. Click and drag the text box to move it to another position.
    Resize and Move a Text Box

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