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Cell Range Names

How to Name a Cell Range in Google Sheets

Cell Range Names

Cell references can be confusing, especially when you're working with formulas. However, cell and range names can help. You can define a name for a single cell or a range of cells.

Name a Cell Range

  1. Select a cell range you want to name.
  2. Click Data on the menu bar.
  3. Select Named ranges.

    The Named Ranges pane opens. If you had any cell ranges named already, they'd be listed here.

  4. Click Add a range.
    Cell Range Names
  5. Enter a name for the cell range.
  6. Click Done.
    Cell Range Names

The cell range is named. Now, when you create a formula, use the name to reference the cell(s) instead.

Use a Cell Range Name in a Formula

  1. Enter a formula using the cell range name instead of the cell range.
    Cell Range Names

Now when we enter a formula, we can use the cell name instead of its column and row coordinates.

Go To a Named Range

You can also use named ranges to make it easier to navigate a workbook.

  1. Open the Named Ranges pane.
  2. Click a named cell range.
    Cell Range Names

Sheets takes you to your named cell or cell range.

Edit and Delete Cell Range Names

You can easily edit, rename, and delete cell range names.

  1. Open the Named Ranges pane.
  2. Click a named range's Edit button.
    Cell Range Names

    Here, you can change a range's name or adjust the cell range. You can also delete a range you no longer need.

  3. Edit a named range's name or range, or click Delete.
    Cell Range Names

    Just to be sure, you're asked before it's deleted.

  4. Click Remove.
    Cell Range Names
  5. Close the Named Ranges pane.
    Cell Range Names

The pane closes. Remember that once a named range is removed, you'll need to update any formulas using that range with the correct cell range.