Cell Borders and Background Colors

You can spice up your spreadsheets a bit by adding borders and background colors to cells.

Add a Cell Border

  1. Select a cell or range.
  2. Click the Borders button.

    A menu of border options appears. Here, you can select where the borders appear around the outside of the selection, or cell borders within the selection.

  3. Select a border option.
    How to add a cell border in Google Sheets.

A border appears around the selected cell(s).

Edit a Cell Border

You can also change the border style, including the color and thickness.

  1. Select the cell or cell range with the border.
  2. Click the Borders button.

    The Borders menu is still displayed, and we can see the options to customize the border color and style.

  3. Select a border option:
    • Borders
    • Border color
    • Border style
    How to edit a cell border in Google Sheets.

The border is updated, based on the changes you made to it.

Change Cell Fill Color

You can also change the background color of a cell.

  1. With a cell or cell range selected, click the Fill Color button.
  2. Select a fill color.
    How to change the fill color in Google Sheets.

The cells are now filled with a background color.

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