Add-ons allow you to perform additional tasks in Google Sheets that you can't do with the basic program functionality. This includes things like checking for duplicates, creating timesheets, managing table styles, and so much more.

Install an Add-On

  1. Click Add-ons on the menu bar.
  2. Select Get add-ons.

    In the Add-ons window that appears, you can select for a specific category or search for what you need.

  3. Select from a category of add-ons or use the Search field.
  4. Hover-over an add-on to see a brief description.
  5. Click the Free button.
  6. Select the Google account you want to use to install the add-on.

    You may need to allow access to your Google account.

  7. If necessary, click Allow.

The add-on is installed and available to use in your spreadsheets.

Access Add-Ons

All of your installed add-ons are available from the Add-ons menu.

  1. Click Add-ons on the menu bar.

    All your installed add-ons will be listed here.

  2. Select an add-on.

The options for the add-on are displayed but will vary for each specific add-on.

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