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How to Use the COUNT Function in Google Sheets


Sheets' COUNT functions can help you count cells with numbers, text, or blank cells. Sheets actually has a small family of COUNT functions, but the most useful are:

  • COUNT: Counts cells that contain numbers; blank cells and cells with text aren't counted. Syntax: = COUNT(D2:D55)
  • COUNTA: Counts cells that contain any kind of data, including numbers and text. Syntax: = COUNTA(D2:D55)
  • COUNTBLANK: Counts blank or empty cells. Syntax: = COUNTBLANK(D2:D55)
  • COUNTUNIQUE: Counts cells with unique values. Syntax: = COUNTUNIQUE(D2:D55)
  • COUNTIF: Counts cells that meet a single criteria. Syntax: = COUNTIF(D2:D55, "PARIS")

Insert a COUNT Function

The COUNT function tells you how many cells in a range contain numbers.

  1. Click in the cell where you want to add the COUNT function.
  2. Click Insert on the menu bar.
  3. Select Function.

    The COUNT function appears in the common functions group.

  4. Select COUNT.
    How to Insert a COUNT Function in Google Sheets.
  5. Select the range of cells you want to analyze.
    How to Insert a COUNT Function in Google Sheets.
  6. Press Enter.

The number of cells with numeric values in the cell range appears in the selected cell.