Share Your Screen in Google Meet

If you have something on your screen that you’d like to share with other meeting attendees, you have several options for screen sharing.

Share Your Screen or a Window

  1. Click Present now.

    The Present menu gives you three options to share your screen.

    • Your entire screen will share an entire screen, allowing you to switch between multiple windows and files.
    • A window will share a single application window, hiding everything else on your screen.
    • A Chrome tab will share a single Chrome browser tab, hiding other tabs and windows. This option requires the Chrome browser.
  2. Select Your entire screen or A window.
    Share Your Screen

    Depending on the option you chose, you’ll be shown preview thumbnails of what’s available to share—either the screens or windows you have available.

  3. Select a screen or window.
  4. Click Share.
    Share Your Screen

    You start sharing your entire screen or a single window with everyone else in the meeting.

    A small notification will appear on your screen as long as you're sharing.

  5. Click Stop sharing when you're finished.
    Share Your Screen

The screen sharing ends.

Share a Chrome Tab

Sharing a single Chrome browser tab works a little differently than sharing a single window or your entire screen. It is an especially useful method if you want to share video or animation during your meeting. First, you need to be using Chrome, since it's the only browser this method of sharing supports.

  1. Click Present now.
  2. Select A Chrome tab.
    Share Your Screen
  3. Select a tab from the list.
  4. Click Share.
    Share Your Screen

    Now, just that browser tab is shared, and none of the other parts of the window are included. The screen sharing notification appears inside the browser window as well.

  5. Click Stop when you're finished sharing.
    Share Your Screen

The screen share ends again.

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