Form Navigation

After you've added sections to a form, you can control how someone navigates between those sections. You can proceed to different sections of a survey based on their answers, skipping sections entirely if they're not needed.

Navigate Based on a Response

  1. Select a question.
  2. Click the More button.
  3. Select Go to section based on answer.
    Navigate Based on a Response

    A menu now appears by each answer, showing which section that answer will take the user to.

  4. Click the navigation menu arrow next to an answer.
  5. Select a navigation option.
    Navigate Based on a Response

You can repeat these steps for each of the question’s possible answers, or just leave the default Next Section option selected.

Navigate Between Sections

Normally, after finishing one section, you'll move on to the next one in order. If you've set up a branching form that allows for multiple paths, you can skip sections entirely. At the end of a section, you'll see a menu showing what will be displayed next. In this case, it's set to move on to the next section, but we need to change that.

  1. Click the navigation menu arrow at the end of a section.
  2. You can choose to move on to any of the other sections, or even submit the form after this section instead.

  3. Select a section to navigate to, or to submit the form.

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