Collect and View Responses

Once some responses to your form have started coming in, you can check on everyone's responses and see how the questions are being answered.

View Responses

  1. Click the Responses tab.
  2. Click a tab to view responses:
    • Summary will show a summary of the responses, with each question represented by a chart showing how many times each response was submitted.
    • Question lets you look over each question in detail, showing how many times each response was submitted.
    • Individual lets you review how each person filled out the form, either by email address if you collected those, or anonymously if you didn't.
    View Responses

Stop Accepting Responses

  1. Click the Accepting Responses switch to toggle response collection off.
    Stop Accepting Responses

    Once you've stopped accepting responses, the survey will no longer be available for other people to view and fill out. You can always turn responses back on by coming back here and flipping the switch again.

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