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How to Use Tab-Stops in Google Docs


By using tab-stops in your document, you can create uniformly spaced text. And, unlike if you were to just enter a bunch of spaces to separate text, tabs ensure your text remains properly aligned. Each time you press the Tab key, the cursor moves to the next tab-stop. By default, Docs has left tab-stops set at every half-inch, but you can create your own tab-stops in a specific position or change the location of the existing tab stops.

Set a Tab-Stop

  1. Select the text you want to align with a tab-stop.
  2. Click on the ruler where you want to place the tab-stop.

    The menu gives you three choices – you can add a left, center, or right tab stop, which sets the text alignment accordingly.

  3. Select a type of tab-stop.

The tab-stop is added, shifting text separated by tabs. An arrow or diamond appears on the ruler as indication.

Types of Tab Stops
Tab-Stops Tab-Stops Tab-Stops
3.14 3.14 3.14
Left Center Right
Aligns the left side of text with the tab-stop. Aligns the text so that it’s centered under the tab-stop. Aligns the right side of text with the tab-stop.

Align Text to a Tab-Stop

  1. Place the cursor where you want to separate text with a tab.
  2. Press the Tab key.

The text moves directly to the location of the tab-stop.

Move or Remove a Tab-Stop

If the position isn't quite right, you can drag the tab-stops to move them.

  1. Select the text you want to reposition.
  2. Click and drag a tab-stop on the ruler to reposition it.

    As you drag a tab-stop to a new position on the ruler, the text affected by that tab-stop will move with it.

  3. Click and drag a tab-stop off the ruler to remove it.

Removing a tab-stop will shift the text over to the next tab-stop. If another tab-stop isn’t set, the text will instead use the default half-inch tab spacing.