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Google Docs Spell Check

How to Check Spelling in Google Docs

Google Docs Spell Check

Part of editing your documents is making sure that everything is spelled and assembled correctly. Docs is a great help in this regard because it can identify spelling and grammar errors in your documents.

Correct a Spelling or Grammar Error

As you type, Google Docs will automatically check your spelling and grammar and highlight possible mistakes with a colored underline.

  • Potential spelling errors are indicated by a wavy underline in red.
  • Potential grammar errors are indicated by a wavy underline in blue.

You can fix spelling and grammar errors manually—by typing the correction yourself—or using Google’s suggested edits.

  1. Manually make the correction.


  1. Right-click the error.

    The Spelling (or Grammar) contextual menu appears, showing some suggestions for the misspelled word (or grammatical error), along with definitions for the suggested words.

  2. Select the suggestion you want to use (if it appears).
    Check Spelling

The misspelled word (or grammatical error) is automatically updated.

Ignore a Spelling or Grammar Error

Not all misspellings and grammar mistakes that Docs identifies will be actual mistakes. For example, proper names will often be marked as misspelled words, even when they’re properly spelled. You can ignore these errors so that they’ll no longer be underlined and won’t appear in spelling and grammar checks.

  1. Right-click the error.
  2. Select Ignore all.
    Check Spelling

Add a Word to the Dictionary

If you frequently see a correctly spelled word being flagged as an error, you might want to consider adding it to your personal dictionary.

  1. Right-click the error.
  2. Select Add to dictionary.
    Check Spelling

The word is added to the dictionary.