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Student Communication

How to Communicate with Students in Google Classroom

Student Communication

While you can communicate with students directly within Classroom through announcements, you can also send communication via email or invite them to a conversation with mentions.

Mention a Student in a Comment

  1. Click in the Add class comment field for any announcement on the class Stream.
    Student Communication
  2. Type the + sign, then begin typing the student's email address.

    Typing the @ symbol before the student’s email address also works for mentioning someone.

    A pop-up appears displaying any students that match your search.

  3. Select the student's email from the menu.
    Student Communication
  4. Type a message to the student you are mentioning.
  5. Click Post.
    Student Communication

Your comment is added, and the student receives an email with a direct link to the post.

Mentions only work on the Stream page.

Email Students

Classroom emails can be sent to an entire class, a selected group, or to individuals.

  1. Click the People tab.

    In the list of students, you see a check box next to everyone's name.

  2. Select individual students or check the Select all check box.

    You are limited to emailing 100 students at a time.

  3. Click the Actions button.

    There a few other options in the menu you might find helpful. If you have a student drop your class or move away, remove them from the class. If you've allowed students to post or comment on the Stream page but have one or a few students who are abusing it, mute them. They won't receive a notification; they just won't see the option to post.

  4. Select Email.
    Student Communication

    A Gmail message opens in a new browser tab. All the students you selected are listed in the Bcc field. Names are populated in the Bcc field rather than the To field in order to keep the recipient list private to those who receive the email.

  5. Populate the email.
  6. Click Send.
    Student Communication