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Post Questions

How to Post Questions in Google Classroom

Post Questions

You can use questions in Google Classroom to ask students for a specific response, or as a tool for collaboration. How you use them is totally up to you. The questions you create can be multiple-choice or short answer. Once a question is created, Classroom tracks student responses. Like materials and assignments, questions can be asked immediately or scheduled for a later date.

Create a Question

  1. On the Classwork page, click the Create button.
  2. Select Question.
    Post Questions
  3. Fill in the question details.

    See the table below for a description of each option in the Question dialog box.

  4. Click Ask or click the Ask list arrow.
    • Ask: The question is posted immediately.
    • Ask list arrow: Schedule the question for a later date or save it as a draft to come back to later.
  5. Post Questions

The Question Dialog Box

Option Description
For Select the class and students to which you want to post the question. You can create a question for multiple classes at once or post it to only specific students in the current class.
Question Type out the question you want to ask students.
Instructions Add optional instructions so it’s clear to students how to answer the question.
Points Set a point value for the question or make it ungraded. The default is 100 points, but you can change it to whatever point value you’d like.
Due By default, a question has no due date. However, you can set one for a specific day or time.
Topic Assign a topic to group the question with other related class items. You might create a topic for tests, one for homework, and one for classwork as a means of organization. Or, you might create a topic for each unit. Topics are buckets used to categorize work. Apply an existing topic or create a new one from this menu.
Question Type Select either Short answer or Multiple choice from the menu. Short answer, if selected, has the following options:
  • Choose whether students can reply to each other.
  • Choose whether students can edit their answer after submission.
  • Choose whether students can see a class summary.
  • Add options to select from. Click Add option to add as many possible answers as you wish.
Attachment The material you attach can be:
Classroom Materials A file saved to your computer.
Classroom MaterialsAn item saved to your Google Drive.
Classroom Materials An online video.
Classroom Materials A web link.

Reuse a Question

If you have a question you've already asked, save yourself a little time and reuse it. You can reuse not only questions, but assignments and announcements as well.

When you reuse any of these posts, you have a few options:

  • Modify the original post before reusing it in the current class.
  • Make copies of any original attachments or add new ones.
  • Use it in the original class or a different class.

  1. On the Classwork page, click the Create button.
  2. Select Reuse post.
    Post Questions

    A dialog box appears. You can reuse any announcement, assignment, or question from an existing class.

  3. Locate and select the post you want to reuse.
  4. Click Reuse.
    Post Questions

    The question is brought into the current class and the points and topic are populated. Make any adjustments to the question here.

  5. Modify the post details.
  6. Click Ask.
    Post Questions

Delete a Question

Deleting a question removes it, along with any associated grades or comments, from Classroom. However, any files or attachments created in Google Drive will still remain. You’ll need to manually delete those in Drive if you don’t want to retain copies.

Be aware that deleting a question is permanent. There is no way to undo the deletion.

  1. Hover-over the post you want to delete and click the More button.
  2. Select Delete.
    Post Questions
  3. Click Delete to confirm.
    Post Questions