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Guardian Communication

How to Communicate with Guardians in Google Classroom

Guardian Communication

If your Google Classroom administrator has enabled it, you can invite guardians to Google Classroom so they can get class summaries. Adding guardians also allows you to quickly send an email to everyone at once.

Invite Guardians

In order to invite guardians, you need to have your Google Classroom administrator verify you are a teacher. They also need to give you permission to manage guardian email summaries. You’ll need to use Classroom with a school account in a web browser or the Android app.

  1. Click the People tab.

    You may notice that some students already have someone listed in the Guardians column. This is because only one teacher in your school needs to invite a guardian. Once a guardian is linked to the student, they will appear as the guardian for any class the student is a member of.

  2. Click Invite guardians next to a student's name.
    Guardian Communication
  3. Enter the guardian(s)’s email address.
  4. Click Invite.
    Guardian Communication

    Classroom gives you the option to turn on email summaries for this class or all classes you teach.

  5. Click Add class to turn on email summaries or No thanks to keep summaries off.
    Guardian Communication

It now says Invited next to the guardian’s email. This is because the guardian hasn't accepted the invitation yet. Once accepted, the guardian name will appear.

Turn on Guardian Summaries

Guardian summaries include information about upcoming and missing work, as well as class activity. Once enabled, they are sent to any guardian that’s added in the class. This does not grant guardians access to the student’s Google Classroom account to view assignments and grades; it simply sends a summary of activity.

  1. Click the Settings button in the class where you want to turn on summaries.
    Guardian Communication
  2. Under General, click the Guardian summaries toggle button.
  3. Click Save.
    Guardian Communication

Class updates will now be sent in a summary report. Guardians will only receive one summary email and it will contain updates showing missing work, upcoming work, and class activity for every class the student is in where the teacher has turned on summaries. The guardian will, on their end, be able to set how often they want to receive a summary email.

Email All Guardians

If you have some communication you need to send to all guardians at once, you can do so from the People page.

  1. On the People page, click the Email all guardians button.
    Guardian Communication

    A Gmail window opens with all of the Guardians listed in the Bcc field. Names are populated in the Bcc field rather than the To field in order to keep the recipient list private to those who receive the email.

  2. Populate the email.
  3. Click Send.
    Guardian Communication