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Grade Questions

How to Grade Questions in Google Classroom

Grade Questions

When you’re ready to grade question submissions, you can view the responses on the Classwork page.

View and Grade Questions

  1. Click the question you want to grade.

    You now see the question details. There are three possible options displayed here:

    • Turned in: The number of students who submitted work.
    • Assigned: The number of students who haven’t submitted work. Any work a student unsubmits is counted as assigned.
    • Graded: The number of students you’ve returned work to.

    To see which students fall into each category, click Turned in, Assigned, or Graded.

    For a multiple-choice question, you can see how many students selected each response to the right of each option.

  2. Click View Question.
    Grade Questions

    At the left you see each student’s name grouped into one of the three question statuses.

  3. Click a student's name.
    Grade Questions
  4. (Optional) Post a private comment for the student.
  5. Click the Close button.
    Grade Questions
  6. Click in the grade field for the student you want to grade.

    You can also grade questions on the Grades page.

  7. Type a grade.

    Repeat these steps to view responses, leave comments, and assign a grade for each student.

    Once you enter a grade for a student, the box next to the student’s name is checked. When you return grades, only the selected students will receive a grade.

  8. Click Return.
    Grade Questions

    Students will only receive a notification of the new grade if you return it.

  9. Click Return.
    Grade Questions