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Class Settings

How to Modify Class Settings in Google Classroom

Class Settings

Once you have a class created and students added, you may decide to adjust the class settings to control what students can do and how grading works.

Edit General Settings

  1. Click the Settings button.
    Class Settings

    The settings on this screen only affect this specific class.

  2. Modify the General class settings.
    • Class code: View, share, and modify the class code.
    • Stream: Choose what students are able to do on the class stream page. Enable or disable student commenting from here.
    • Classwork on the stream: Adjust how classwork appears on the stream. Classwork can appear with all the attachments and details, which will take up more space on the stream; in a condensed notification; or, you can hide classwork notifications on the stream altogether.
    • Show deleted items: Choose whether deleted items appear. If enabled, only teachers can see deleted items.
  3. Click Save.
    Class Settings

Set Up Grading

You have the ability to control how grading works in Classroom. You can turn grading off completely; or, you can have Classroom calculate grades for you using total points available or by weighting grades by category.

  • Total points: An overall grade is calculated for you by dividing the total points a student earns by the total points possible for the class.

  • Assignments Tests Points Earned/
    Points Possible
    Overall Grade
    Assignment 1: 16/20 Test 1: 92/100 108/120 90%

  • Weighted by category: You assign weights to categories, such as assignments and tests. Classroom will then find the category's average and multiply it by the category's weight to calculate the overall class grade.

  • Assignments: 60% of grade Tests: 40% of grade Overall Grade
    Assignment 1: 16/20 Test 1: 92/100
    Assignment 2: 18/20 Test 1: 88/100
    • (80% + 90%) ÷ 2 = 85% avg
    • 85 x 0.6 = 51
    • (92% + 88%) ÷ 2 = 90% avg
    • 90 x 0.4 = 36
    Category Score: 51% Category Score: 36% 51% + 36% = 87%

  1. Click the Settings button.

    By default, Classroom doesn't calculate grades.

  2. Modify the Grade calculation settings.
    • Overall grade calculation: Choose whether to calculate by total points, weighted by category, or not to calculate a grade at all.
    • Show overall grade to students: Choose whether students are able to view their overall grade.
    • Add grade category: If you chose to calculate grades weighted by category, define the categories here.
  3. Click Save.
    Class Settings