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Access Chrome Settings

How to Access Chrome Settings in Google Chrome

Access Chrome Settings

View the Settings Page

  1. Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome menu button.
  2. Select Settings.
    View the Settings Page
  3. Click the Advanced heading to view the Advanced settings categories.
    View the Settings Page
  4. The Advanced settings include categories to change language settings, the default download location, hardware acceleration settings, and the ability to reset settings back to the defaults.

Google Chrome Settings

The Google Chrome Settings Page
You and Google Control how Chrome syncs to your Google account, and lets you import settings and bookmarks.
Autofill Manage your saved passwords, payment methods, and addresses.
Safety Check You can run the Safety Check to make sure that Chrome is up to date, check if any of your passwords have been compromised, and if you have any malicious extensions installed.
Privacy and Security Clear browsing data and control site permission settings.
Appearance Allow you to customize the theme, default fonts, and page zoom settings.
Search Engine Where you change Chrome's default search engine.
On Startup Let you choose what tabs open when you start a new Chrome window.