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View and Hide Reminders

How to View and Hide Reminders in Google Calendar

In addition to keeping track of meetings and appointments, you can use your calendar to add reminders.

View Reminders

  1. Expand the My calendars heading in the left pane.
    View Reminders
  2. Check the Reminders calendar checkbox.
    View Reminders

Once it's displayed, any reminders that have been created will appear on the calendar. They'll be marked with a small reminder icon as well, so that you don't mistake them for other events.

Hide Reminders

If you have too many reminders, and they clog up your calendar, you can just toggle the Reminders calendar back off.

  1. Uncheck the Reminders calendar checkbox.
    View Reminders

The reminders disappear from the calendar grid, although you'll still receive the notifications from those reminders.