Schedule Meetings

Create a New Meeting

  1. Click a day on the calendar grid where you want to schedule the meeting.
  2. Enter a title, time, and locating for the meeting.
  3. Enter the email addresses for the invitees in the Add guest field.
  4. Enter a meeting location.
  5. (Optional) Add teleconferencing.
    Create a New Meeting
  6. (Optional) Enter a meeting description.
  7. (Optional) To add more meeting details, click More options and enter additional information.
    Create a New Meeting
  8. Click Save.
    Create a New Meeting
  9. Click Send.
    Create a New Meeting

Find a Meeting Time

What happens if some of the people you invited aren’t available during the meeting time you specified? In that case, you can find a meeting time that will work for everyone by viewing everyone's schedule for the day.

  1. Click the Find a time tab in the Meeting window.
  2. Navigate through the schedule to find a suitable time that everyone can attend.
  3. Select a new meeting time.
  4. Click Save.
    Find a Meeting Time
  5. Click Send.
    Find a Meeting Time

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