Create and Remove Calendars

If you have an extremely busy calendar, you can create additional calendars to display different types of events. For example, you could have one calendar for professional appointments, and another for personal ones.

Create a New Calendar

  1. Click the Add other calendar button next to the Other Calendars heading.
  2. Select Create new calendar.
    Create a New Calendar
  3. Enter a name and description for the calendar.
  4. Select a time zone for the calendar.
  5. Click Create calendar.
  6. Click the Back button.
    Create a New Calendar

View and Hide Calendars

Once you have multiple calendars, you can toggle them on and off, to choose which ones you're viewing at a time.

  1. Check or uncheck a calendar's checkbox to toggle it on or off.
    View and Hide Calendars
  2. Remove a Calendar

    1. Click the Unsubscribe from [Calendar name] button next to a calendar.
    2. Click Remove calendar.
      Remove a Calendar

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